So last night in Rudesheim we walked into town to see the Christmas markets at night.  It was very festive….and German.  While out we ate some bratwurst and fries on the street instead of coming back to the boat for dinner.  It was perfect!  They are much more festive about Christmas here than in Italy – it seems that way so far.  This morning we visited Siegfrieds Mechanisches Musikkabinett Museum which houses one of the largest collections of self-playing music instruments.  It is in an impressive 13th century building and was a pretty interesting experience.  Once finished we had about 2 hours before boarding time so we hiked up to the Germania Monument which is very high up through the vineyards.  Much higher than any of our tower climbs.  But is was very beautiful walking through the vineyard and seeing the outstanding Rhine river view down into Rudesheim.  We are back on board and traveling to Mainz where we will arrive in a couple of hours……..more Christmas markets!