Things are winding down!  Today is our last day in Europe – for a long time, I imagine.  We decided awhile ago to finish our trip here in Spain since we have never been here.  So we gave ourselves this week before flying back to the states.  It has worked out very well and we have gotten a pretty good taste of the country.  So today we took it slow and just did the bus rides and the Naval Museum.  The Prado Museum is a place to see but we are sort of “museumed” out.  They have these tourist buses that are hop on and hop off all day – two different lines.  So we took the Metro to the start point and did the first line.  All day in many areas there were demonstrations so at one point our bus had to do a detour.  Apparently, it is in protest to the government cutting back on jobs – -blah, blah, blah, blah.  When a country does siestas from noon to 4:00pm, then they don’t eat until 10:30pm, and you know they are going to bed late….so they are not getting up in the morning very early to get to work before siesta again????   Well, it is no wonder they are having trouble.  But to our eyes, the city looks good.  It seems to be clean, organized, and….well, civilized.  I wonder who is paying for all that??  Government?  Oh well.  A common story world-wide.  After the first city ride we got off the bus, grabbed a coffee, then went to the Madrid Naval Museum.  The Spanish Armada was a force to be reckoned with over history so we thought it would be interesting.  And it was.  There were a ton of model ships.  I got a picture of one model that was used in the 18th century to construct the Santisima Trinidad.  Also there were some great paintings of all things naval and the officers, along with the oldest existing cartographic item that maps the American Continent.  It includes the geographical discoveries that took place between 1492 and 1500.  It was probably made as an explanatory document to show the King and Queen of Spain who had sponsored the expedition.  Very interesting, and a little different then our usual.  Once done there we hopped the other bus line to show us a different part of the city.  By that time it was dinnertime for us, so we hopped the metro again to get us to the area we wanted to dine.  In the morning….USA here we come…God-willing!!!!