We rose early to catch our flight from Rome to Barcelona.  Weather is great and it was an uneventful flight.  Once we arrived and settled in at our hotel we discovered Barcelona’s metro and hopped a ride to The Sagrada Familia church – which Rick Steves highly recommended we see.  This structure was the labor of an artist/architect called Gaudi who worked on this project from 1883 until his death on 1926.  (I need to check and see if the word “gawdy” stems from this guys name).

Well, Bruce and I both think he was on drugs when he drew this thing up.  I felt like I was at Disneyland and Mickey Mouse was going to pop up any minute.  It was really contemporary and goofy but is, apparently, a real tourist attraction.  The church is not yet finished – which I don’t understand because they charge a fortune just to take a look so I know they are getting money.  And we had to wait in line for tickets! in February!  Anyway, I guess we had to see it BECAUSE it is so weird and not the least bit like any sanctuary I have seen.  After we finished there we went to the main drag in Barcelona called The Ramblas.  It starts at the Placa de Catalunya and goes about a mile down hill to the Columbus Monument and Waterfront.  This 200-foot column commemorates Christopher Columbus’ stop in Barcelona after his first trip to America.  By this time we had missed lunch and it was almost dinnertime so we stopped at one of the many cafe’s along The Ramblas for some typical Spanish fare and a Sangria before we headed back to our hotel.