There is a church on every corner here in Italy.  We know this because we have gone into most of them just to take a look.  Well, today was no different.  We had the morning to kill before we took a train out to the Rome airport so we will be ready to take an early morning flight to Barcelona.  So we took one last look around Rome.  We walked past the Spanish Steps to Trevi Fountain, found a small museum we had not seen before, and finished it off with a cappuccino in a piazza.  While walking around we looked into 4 churches.  We had just walked out of the last church and sat down for our cappuccino when Bruce looks over at the church and says “Have we been in that one yet?”  We had just walked out of it!  So funny!  But I guess this means we have seen too many churches.  The little museum we found was called “The City of Water”  which is the archaeological underground area of Vicus Caprarius, very close to the Trevi fountain.  There you can see archaeological finds going back to the time of Nero.  So we are now spending the night by the airport and catching up on our laundry (hopefully for the last time until we are home)!