I have been waiting for the rain to subside before taking pictures of Sorrento, but it looks like that will not be happening any time soon.  Although, I have to say, this is the first prolonged bout of inclement weather we have had in the whole 5 months we have been gone.  Not too bad!!  But it is warmer here and the sea views are beautiful- no matter what the weather!  So I took a few pictures today and will probably get more as the week goes on.  It is a sleepy little town in the winter and a nice change from Florence.  We have a pretty large apartment with nice views and a terrace.


views everywhere.  Close to the main piazza is a ravine where there are some ruins named The Valley of the Mills, which derives from the existence of a mill – functioning since the beginning of the ’900′s – used for grinding wheat. Attached to the mill, rose a sawmill which furnished chaff to the Sorrentine cabinet makers. (Sorrento is famous for its inlaid wood)The creation of Tasso Square, since 1866, determined the isolation of the mill area from the sea, provoking a sharp rise of the percentage of humidity, which made the area unbearable and determined its progressive abandon.  This is not the fast pace that Florence was so we are really taking it easy.  But as the weather improves we have a lot of places we want to visit such as Pompeii, Herculean, Vesuvius, Capri, and Positano.  Hopefully, the weather will improve.  Unknown to us, there has been flooding in Florence and Rome – and it does not seem to be that much rain.  So we could have a soggy Rome visit next week.