So yesterday I did not take my camera with us as we left the apartment.  Our plan was to see some places that we had already seen and taken pictures of.  But I should know better by now because we always see new things.  We went to the Brancacci Chapel of the Santa Maria del Carmine whish is located a block or two away from our apartment.  This chapel has some beautiful frescoes  done by Masolino and Masaccio, finished by Lippi in the early 1400’s.  I have taken pictures of these already.  But I have read recently that as a young man Michelangelo would come to this chapel and study these great works of art  Which would be around the late 1400’s.  From there we went to The Santa Croce Basilica again.  It is at this church that Michelangelo was buried.  He died in Rome and they tried to keep his death a secret until they could get his body back to Florence and prepared for the burial but word got out and, apparently, the Santa Croce church was packed full of mourners way before they could get the funeral plans made.  He was much beloved here in Florence!  Also at this church are the tombs of Galileo, Machiavelli, and Rossini.  They also have a tomb for Dante but Ravenna would not allow his remains to be taken from them.  There are also great works of art here by Gaddi, Donatello, Giotto, and Rossellino, and the Pazzi Chapel by Brunelleschi(who designed and executed the great Duomo).  We then took a long walk into a part of Florence we have never been before where the real citizens live and found ourselves eventually closer to the old town where we discovered an Irish pub and had a Guiness and hamburger for dinner.  Today, after a late and lazy morning, we found ourselves back downtown – thinking we have seen every street.  Not so.  After going to the place which has been said to have the best cappuccino we then went to the place known for the best Gelato.  Both these places were close to the Duomo so we decided to visit again(since it was free just to see the church.  Later we will climb the dome again  and go into the Baptistery and museum again).  For some reason, cost I suppose, they keep these churches very dark so I apologize for my pictures.  I am really missing my great camera that I lost!.  The church is actually pretty bare compared to the many other cathedrals we have visited over the last 4  months.  The Duomo, by Brunelleschi, is always fantastic to see, but that is pretty much it.  Tomorrow, or the next nice weather day, we will climb the dome, see the Baptistery, and go through the museum which has a Michelangelo Pieta and The Doors of Paradise by Ghiberti.  After we closed the church down we walked around looking for streets we have not walked before and actually found a small street we had seen from the other direction where Dante’s house was.  We did that tour a couple of weeks ago.  This time we came from the other direction and saw the church that they think Dante probably attended because that is where the woman he fell on love with at the age of 9 went to church.  Apparently she was his inspiration for his Divine Comedy although he did not marry her – he married someone else.  Anyway, this young girl died at an early age.  So, staying in the same area, we found ourselves back at the place that makes the best cappuccino’s and had drinks and apperitivi.  In Italy many bars serve finger foods with the cost of a drink and we find that is a cheaper way to get dinner.  On the way home we ducked into another small church that has organ concerts every night.  Great way to finish up our day!