We woke up to a little bit of rain this morning but by the time we ventured out it had stopped and got all the way up to 60 degrees, which, I am thinking, is a heat wave  for this time of year.  I keep dragging my camera around so I probably am taking pictures of the same things.  But every view of this city is beautiful!  Because of the rains predicted for the next couple of weeks we will see more water (muddy)  flowing down the Arno.  On our agenda today was to see the Archaeological Museum of Florence which is across town at the Piazza S. S. Annunziata.  So on the way we always get distracted!  And we continually see churches we had never noticed before or were closed.  But, I guess, on Saturdays they are mostly open.  And I am really trying not to take too many pictures but each one is so unique and I find many of them very moving.   We stepped into 2 churches before we got to Piazza Annunziata which also has a church by that same name.  Their facades are very ordinary and then you enter and it is all so much marble and gold, and frescoes and paintings, and candles and ornate eternal lights!  A service was going on at the S. S. Annunziata but they don’t seem to mind as others wander through the church and take pictures.  We eventually made our way to the museum which is housed in an old Medici palace.  At this museum we see many items exhibited from the Etruscan civilization from 700 B. C.  There were also many ancient Greek and Egyptian objects housed in this museum.  As we left the museum we found a Chinese restaurant and decided to change things up a bit and stopped for lunch.  Boy, did it taste good!  Something different.  Once back at the apartment we had some errands to run – water and groceries.   So we took care of that and then went to another church that had advertised a concert with The Erskine College Choraleers and Chamber Singers from South Carolina.  Once there, we discovered that there was Saturday night mass with the choir singing just a couple pieces.  We stayed through the mass – I keep thinking one day I will suddenly understand everything they are saying.  But we seem to know enough now to get the idea.  Well, once the service was over the choir did about 8 more songs.  The acoustics in this church were amazing although the notes seem to be still hanging there when they move on to the next note.  It was incredible.  Nice, productive day. ( A note to myself:  The choir sang “A Mighty Fortress”  Arr. Carl Mueller.  Ask Roger if he knows this arrangement.)