We did not do too  much today but decided to walk down to the bigger super market.  On our way we have to go through the old Florence gate, which is about a block from our apartment.  This is the Frediano gate that the French king Charles VIII entered with 20,000 men strong – the first ever free-standing army – on November 17, 1494.  This occurred during what is known as the Interregnum where there was a vacuum of leadership in Florence.  The Medici had been ousted and the Signoria leadership was useless and corrupt.  This gate and part of the wall still stands about a block long  – down to the Arno river.  History on every corner of this city -we are amazed!  Then later that day we felt the need for some American food and went downtown to The Hard Rock Café.  The crowds are dwindling but not drastically – yet.  While it was a little wet today it was pretty warm – around the mid-50’s.  I can handle that.