Quite a day today!  I am still having a lot of pinched nerve pain so I started off in great discomfort.  We had reservations for a Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica and were really looking forward to it.  It did not disappoint!  We spent from 9:00 am to 12:30 with the tour.  There is really too much to put down in words and I will try to label some of the pictures, just know that everything is ancient!  We started with the museum and I took pictures of what I considered the highlights.  Then we spent 15 minutes in the Sistine Chapel, then went through St. Peter’s.  They are arranging all the chairs for Christmas eve service so it was a little chaotic.  Once the tour was over we spent some more time in the sanctuary.  After we felt we had seen as much as we could we climbed up Michelangelo’s cupola.  That was cool!  You could get good views of the inside AND the outside from the top of St. Peter’s.  Make sure to see all my pictures.  It was amazing!  By this time I was tired of my pain and we went out to the steps in front of St. Peter’s to rest and decide what to do about Christmas eve.  We had faxed the pope for tickets to midnight mass but never heard back.  They told us we would get a letter and we never did.  The only way to find out was to stand in a huge line to go through security into the cathedral.  As we were arguing with one of the guards about  where we could find out the information without going through the line, 2 other couples walked up with one of the couples asking the same question – although they had a letter with a number to allow them to attend.  So I commiserated with them regarding the difficulty of the whole process when the other couple, Oliver and Mary from Ireland told us that 2 of their children could not fly over from London and New York and they had 2 tickets and wanted to give them to us!! Can you believe it??  They were such a nice couple (the name Rainey is of Irish descent and their neighbors name is Rainey) and the ticket is color-coded so we are thinking we will get to sit by them tomorrow night.  Bruce and I are so excited ….and my pain has decreased considerably.  God is really with us and answering our prayers.  Now, if we can just get through the whole process of getting there really early(6pm) for a 10:00 pm service and keeping warm and comfortable!  Although the weather has been fantastic for December in Rome!  Make sure to see both galleries of pictures.