December 21, 2013

This morning we found out what their hospital emergency rooms were like in Switzerland.  Not too bad, actually.  I somehow pulled a muscle in my upper back and needed some drugs.  We figured I should take care of it in Switzerland rather than Italy.  So the concierge of the boat went along with us and everyone was very nice and pretty efficient.  We returned to the boat via the pharmacy , had lunch and then headed out to see the city of Basel.  I guess they saved the best til last because Basel had the best Christmas Market.  It is not just a thing for tourists.  All the locals were there – very crowded.  It seemed to be a meeting place for the young adults and you hear mostly German, but some French spoken.  There was even a little band playing in the market area.  We had some more Gluhwein – kind of a hot wine cider – and strolled around.  We should have had our last bratwurst -it smelled so good – but we had just had lunch on the boat and then our farewell dinner in the evening.  And the boat food was fantastic.  They know how to spoil passengers.  It was a fun evening exchanging emails with those you met on the cruise and saying good bye to the crew.  We had an early flight so we could not stay up too late.  Oh, and yes, we climbed TWO cathedral bell towers!