We spent the morning getting haircuts and a pedicure for me at a place close to the apartment.  I had to wear my flip-flops so as not to mess up my pedicure.  I don’t think they quite knew what to make of that.   But really?…I did not want to mess up the pedicure?  What do you do?  You people that live in cold weather and go out for a pedicure? Anyway, it was a pleasant way to spend the morning and they did a pretty good job, not what I am used to, but it will work till I am home.  We then decided to go back to the Uffizi museum because we had a whole floor of art we have not seen.  So we spent a couple of hours looking at Rafael’s, Ruben’s, Van Dyke’s, Carravaggio’s, and others.  I am telling you….looking at masterpieces is very tiring!  Afterward we walked over to a Piazza and watch the tourists with a cappuccino/hot chocolate.  While sitting there we struck up conversation with a Florentine man (40ish). He was very friendly and international.  He had gone to design school in the states and was in the family business of leather and cashmere.  He apparently had dressed Daryl Issa’s wife and Hilary Clinton.  I asked him if he made a cashmere pantsuit for her.  He thought that was pretty funny.  He was quite a character and we enjoyed our conversation.  He invited us over to his store right off the Ponte Vecchio (which is the main drag in Florence),and had his attendant pour us some wine.  We tried to convince him that our  preferred attire was not really Florentine – they are very stylish you know.  It was kind of comical when I took my coat off to try on one of his coats….his expression was very funny.  I was dressed pretty casual and I don’t think the word “casual” is in his vocabulary.  He kind of made fun of Bruce’s Columbia jacket too and I accused him of being a snob.  We all had good fun teasing each other but I walked out of there without a leather jacket.  I told him I would have to sell my first born child to buy one of his jackets.  (But guess what I will be dreaming about tonight?  But, tell me, where would a southern California girl wear a very expensive leather coat??)  So we left and he walked us over the bridge and pointed us in the direction of a good restaurant.  Which we tried and thoroughly enjoyed.  It’s these little exchanges that we so enjoy in another country.