People would actually believe anything back in the good old days!  We walked up to the San Miniato church which is up next to Piazzale Michelangelo( where everyone goes for the view over Florence).  According to legend, the martyred St Minias was beheaded on the banks of the Arno in A. D. 250.  He picked up his head and walked here, where he died and was buried in what became the first Christian cemetery in Florence.  In the 11th century, this church was built to house Minias’ remains.  Actually , if you think about it, we are just as gullible today – just look at all the people that voted for Obama! (Just a little joke for all my liberal friends and family – although few)  Bruce and I have taken this walk a couple of times now.  It is about a 5 mile walk from our place and easier to navigate than downtown because the roads are wider and you always get a fantastic view.  But we were lazy this morning for we did not go out until close to 3:00 p.m.  We have the NFL Game Pass so we had to catch up on the games from yesterday – or , for us, the middle of the night.  The weather has been so good, albeit a little on the cold side, that just walking around is such a pleasure.  And then we get to look at all the Christmas decorations in town on the way back.  We also find a place to eat before going back to our apartment.  We are in a good routine now but will be traveling further afield on Sunday and that routine will change.  Stay tuned!!!