I am writing a post today just so we can remember what we did!  We have been walking a lot lately and my legs were hurting so we took it easy around the apartment today until about 3:00.  We walked into town and it was crazy busy.  I don’t know if it is local tourists or Christmas shopping or what, but it was crowded!  There was some sort of demonstration by the Duomo and Baptistery – I guess they are planning to close some hospitals.  There was also a Christmas choir singing on the Ponte Vecchio and Bruce got a picture with his phone because I did not want to drag my camera around today.  The fog has come in and it was really cool on the Arno river!  It was a very festive evening with all the activity. We visited a couple of local food and drink establishments also and had a very pleasant evening – along with running into 4 guys from Santa Rosa, Ca who were there for soccer.  Very fun!

Florence FogNatale at the Ponte Vecchio