We woke up early today to get the bus to Civita di Bagnoregia.  It was kind of interesting at the bus stop on the one side of Orvieta because that is where all the teenagers converge for school.   While we were standing there about 7 or more buses pulled up from different areas to drop off and pick up kids for school.  We never figured out exactly where the school was.  Anyway, we  were soon on  our way and got dropped off at Bagnoregio.  We walked about a mile to the foot bridge to take us to Civita…and what a marvelous sight!  This “dying city” sits on a pinnacle in the grand canyon and is Italy’s ultimate hill town.  The history of this place goes back to settlers in the Bronze and Iron Age B.C.!  Civita was once connected to Bagnoregio, before the saddle between the separate towns eroded away.  In 1966 they built the present foot bridge.  At one time in the Middle Ages Civita had 4,00 residents but Bagnoregio surpassed them , especially after the 1695 earthquake when many people were afraid their house would be shaken off the cliffs.  Apparently, only a handful of people live here now.  When we arrived we were the only ones in town other than a couple of construction workers.  We are not certain if that is because it is the off-season or if this is the way the town is normally.  There were not any coffee or food shops open until 11:00 or 12:00 and then, it looked like there would only be about 5 places open.  So we walked through this Middle Ages town all by ourselves (and a multitude of cats) – which was wonderful.  There is still a church there that houses records from the seventh century with some frescoes and statues from the school of Donatello.  I had such fun taking pictures in this town- no people to get in the way.  As we were leaving a Chinese tour group was dropped off so it looked like business was picking up.  We were just glad to have the place to ourselves as long as we did.  We walked back to Bagnoregio to catch the bus again but had some time to kill so we found a place to hang out and eat some brioche and partake of some cappucciono’s.  O

nce back in Orvieto we had some more sight seeing to do as this was our last afternoon here before we catch the train in the morning.  Staying overnight at a quiet place like this makes you realize just how large and busy a city like Florence is.  We love Florence but were glad for a break!  Btw… I have three galleries of pictures.  Make sure to see them all!