I don’t think I will ever tire of sculptures.  There is one museum that is only open on Mondays so we wanted to get that done today.  It is the Orsanmichele church museum.  We had already seen the interior of the church last week but I wanted to see the sculptures they had in the museum part, and as with most of these buildings, it was a climb to a floor above the church.  This church used to be a granary before the 14th century so the structure and outside façade was interesting.  In earlier gothic times, statues were set deep into church niches, simply embellishing the house of God.  So this museum has the originals displayed.  After the museum we went over to the nearby Piazza della Repubblica to find the rooftop café recommended to us by Dennis Wetjen for a cappuccino.  We then went to Piazza Santa Croce for the German Christmas market and to have something other than pasta – Bratwurst!