I am really tired of these photo Nazi’s in museums!  I don’t use flash and it is hurting no one.  Bruce thinks they just want you to buy the books in the store they have placed at every exit.  So……most of the pictures for today’s blog I took on the sly.  We decided to spend the bulk of the day going through the Pitti Palace.   Rivals of the Medici family, the Pitti’s, started building in1458 but ran out of money.  It sat unfinished until the Medici’s bought it, expanded it, and moved in during the 1500’s.  For nearly 2 centuries(1549-1737), this palace was arguably Europe’s cultural center, setting trends in the arts, sciences, and social mores.  This palace houses a huge painting collection and exhibits the private apartments plus other temporary exhibits.  It has a huge Raphael collection.  It also has Lippi, Titian, Caravaggio, Ruben and Van Dyke.  The apartments rival Versailles.  There was also a temporary exhibit with Monet, Renoir, and Degas.  A great Thanksgiving day full of beautiful works of art.  I am thankful for the Medici’s money that spurred on all this artistic talent during the Renaissance!