Looking for a good weather day to go to Sienna……..today was not it.  Still just a little cold.  So we took it easy and then ventured out to see the Bargello Museum which has the best collection of Florentine sculptures.  The building was quite impressive too.  It was built in 1255, and was once a police station which later served as a prison.  Bruce and I just cannot understand why they would imprison criminals in such beautiful, fresco-filled buildings??  This was a favorite of mine since I LOVE sculptures!  There are some greats in here.  Michelangelo, Donatello, Cellini and Giambologna.  BUT…….. you could not take any pictures.  I did sneak some in though.  The Donatello is fuzzy because I did it in a hurry so I would not get caught.  Donatello has quite a few in this museum.  He was the first great Renaissance genius, a model for Michelangelo and others.  His “David” paved the way for Michelangelo’s.  Donatello. who never married, sees David as a teen-age boy wearing only a helmet, boots, and sword.  This statue stood in the palace of the Medici where Michelangelo grew up admiring it.  After the museum we searched for  (and found) the Orsanmichele church which was built around 1350, first as a granary, then a church.  The church is in the middle of Florence and we have walked by it numerous times already but this time we went in.  The outside has statues set deep into church niches as an embellishment to the house of God.  A couple of them were done by Donatello.

Now that we know the city so well we don’t always bring our map with us.  So today we did a lot of walking looking for some of those sights we have yet to visit.  There is so much here, but one by one we are getting it done! and will probably see most things over again!