If it’s Tuesday…………it must be another TOWER TO CLIMB!@##$$%%^^!  At least I can justify my gelato eating!  Hopped on a bus today for San Gimignano which is about 40 miles away from Florence.  It is the best example of a Tuscan hill town, with 14 medieval towers still standing.  Back in the 13th century feuding noble families ran the hills towns.  They’d periodically battle things out from the protection of their respective family towers.  Originally this town had 72 towers.  In the year 1300, about 13,000 people lived with in the walls.  Then in 1348, a six-month plague decimated the population leaving 4,000 survivors.  After this it came under Florence’s control and was forced to tear down it’s towers, and the vital trade was redirected away from San Gimignano.  It never recovered and now it is a perfectly preserved tourist trap.  But it is still beautiful with wonderful views from anywhere in the town – especially from the tallest tower.  We climbed this tower which is 200 feet and 218 steps up.  It was a clear, cool (39 degrees) and breezy day to see this perfect hill town.  Note the snow capped mountains in my pictures.