We went to church this morning over by the Duomo which is on the other side of the Arno river from us.  We had no idea the big Florence marathon was going on.  So the whole time we were in church (2 hours!!!) we could hear the cheers from the marathon audience because the route went right around the Duomo and Baptistery.  I so wished I was still running!  This church was an Assembly of God International Mission and very contemporary.  A woman pastor gave the message.  It was ……. different.  Anyway, after we watched the marathoners for awhile after church we went to our usual cappuccino place for a couple of cups and then took a 4 mile afternoon walk in an area just on the other side of the Pitti Palace and on the outskirts of downtown.  It was a clear day and I think I got some good pictures.  BTW – the marathon pictures are from Bruce’s camera.  I did not have mine with me when we went to church. That plaque that I took a picture of translates roughly to:  “In 1609 Galileo perfected the use of the telescope conducted in the observation of astronomy that would lead to the discovery of the satellites of Jupiter.”  We are walking where the giants