No pictures but here is my blog for the day.  A usual day in the life of the Rainey’s if we are not being a tourist.  Woke up and did some household chores.  I picked up some items at the cleaners which is just a block away.  Of course, as I walk out in the early morning to get to the cleaners I have to make sure I don’t step in all the early morning dog S – – – !  I am telling you – this is all over – Disgusting.  Next we needed to get a few items at the market a block away in the other direction.  While we are there we needed to fill up all our water bottles.  So we got all the groceries and cleaning put away and walked a kilometer or so to the bus station to go out to the outlet mall which is about 20 kilometers out of town. Oh, I forgot….on the way to the bus station we stop at our favorite neighborhood bar for a cheap cappuccino and try to read the local papers. When we get to the bus station we find out that the bus no longer goes to the outlet mall.  Bruce has done his research and knows that there is another bus, more expensive, which will take us there but not until 2:30.  So we go back to the apartment and get some laundry done.  At 2:00 we walk back to where we can catch this direct bus to the mall.  We spend a lovely 3 hours malling around this really nice outdoor mall – almost like home and then catch the bus back at 6:00.  The evening traffic is bad so we get back around 7 and on our way home stop at our local neighborhood bar for dinner.  We have discovered that many of these bars will put out a lot of finger foods at 7 or 7:30 which you can eat for free if you buy a drink.  So it is not too expensive.  Another very nice day in the life of the Rainey Florentine’s.