November 8, 2013

I just wanted to add the rest of my Venice pictures.  Since there is a train pretty much every hour back to Florence we took our time leaving Venice.  The weather was warm and more people were flooding in for the week end.  It is such a “Disneyland” atmosphere with water all around and a beautiful photograph every where I turn.  We walked down so many little streets in our three days here but probably missed a lot too.  But after a while the stores all seem to sell the same stuff and the restaurants become similar.  The way of life for  a Venetian seems so interesting to me in modern times as well as centuries ago.  But we wonder how long it can last unless they move out all the water from the  Mediterranean and try to prop it up.  We headed to the train early afternoon and got back to Florence by 3:30  with the evening to relax and go to our local bar for wine and aperitivo.