We woke up to another beautiful, cool day here in Venice.  Although today there was no flooding.  It’s kind of weird…how can it change and flood over 2 feet one day and not the next?  We decided to get on a couple of the Grand Canal public transportation boats to get all the views from the water.  It was perfect.  After The boat ride we just walked around, shopped and took it all in.  We made a stop at the sanctuary La Pieta‘ which is right down from San Marco Piazza and is associated  with the composer Antonio Vivaldi, who was born here in Venice.  Just behind the church was a building called Ospedale della Pieta’ that used to be a charitable institution for orphans and abandoned girls. They would teach these girls to sing and/or play an instrument and prepare them for marriage or the church. Vivaldi was appointed a violin teacher in 1703 and served in various roles through 1715, and again from 1723 to 1740. Much of Vivaldi’s sacred vocal and instrumental music was written for performance at the Pietà Church. The conservatory of the Pietà hospital was the only hospital to remain active until approximately 1830.  After the visit we stopped to have a cappuccino/hot chocolate right on the water then spent some more time walking around before we had a drink on the other side of the Grand Canal by the Rialto Bridge.  You know….all those tourist spots.  Tonight we are going to a string quartet concert to hear some Vivaldi pieces including The Four Seasons.  I am sure it is a terribly touristy thing to do but we love the music.

Oh my gosh!!  We just got back from the concert by Interpreti Veneziani and it was soooo good. They started out with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  So energetic and they did not have music.  You could tell they loved the music.  The cello player, Davide Amadio was unbelievable!  I copied a link for you all to see this guy.  And he is funny and fun to watch without being distracting.  It was fabulous!