Today we did not actually do a lot.  We were able to have breakfast with Bruce’s FedEx buddies here at the hotel and then the guys had a cigar with a cappuccino right at the lake.  They were in heaven!  Afterward we all took the ferry over to Bellagio for some of us to do some shopping and some of us to just sit and catch up in the different cafe’s.  A lot of the time we sat it a place with wifi so I could work on my blog while socializing.  We had to say good bye to Dave, Ray and Cindy around 2.  They were on a layover and needed to get back to Milano for a flight.  Bruce and I just browsed around until dinnertime then went back to Varenna to eat and call it a day.  We are finally getting some much needed relaxation after the lst month.

This is October 29, Tuesday.  We decided to make this day a work out day so we went for a hike up to the Castello di Vezio.  we knew the castle itself would be closed but wanted to get some exercise and look at the views.  So once again we found ourselves on steep slippery paths – alone – we are apparently the only fools climbing at this time of year.  The castle is more or less a ruin and dates back to before Christ.  Right next to the castle ruin is a church of which I included some pictures.  The frescoes date back to 1458.   We took an alternate route back down and again found ourselves unsure of where it was taking us since no one was on the path with us and it did not seem like a well traveled path.   But I got some good pictures and we eventually made it down to the city main street.  We will spend the rest of the day meandering the streets, repacking, and purchasing our train tickets to Milano.  We leave here in the morning- much rested.  Caio