Saturday, October 26

A word of advice to anyone who wishes to travel this way…… try not to drag around too much luggage!  But as I told Bruce: “I need enough clothes and shoes for the next 7 months covering all weathers.  How do you NOT pack a lot.”  Well it really makes the train travel difficult.  You usually have to walk a long way from your hotel over cobblestones where you might get a taxi.  But not likely.  You usually have to walk to the station on your own.  At least in these little towns.  And then they all have stairs – a ton of stairs!  Well after getting to the train we found our first class seats (and they are not really first class) and could relax for 3 hours.  The next town we picked up more people and the guy next to me really needed a shower!  It was aweful!  I think they think it’s sexy to smell like body odor.  We reached Milano with 10 minutes to spare….Oh did I mention that the Italian trains are late and unreliable?  Oh, did I mention that my wheels broke again on my cheap new bag?  Yes, things are going swimmingly.  I hate for Bruce to be my pack mule!  We reached Varenna on Lake Como while it was still sunny and warm.  The view from our hotel room is to die for!   And we are staying for 4 days.  So we wondered around the small little village and sat by the lake with dinner and drinks (just like Rick Steves!).  There is a real Swiss/ German influence up at the lakes because Switzerland is a couple of miles away.  We were sitting next to a group of young adults at dinner and they were switching between Italian and German.  So jealous…I wish I could do that.  This is such a lovely place – so close to the Alps.  The sun goes down and it gets real cool but their duvets are warm and I plan to sleep with our balcony doors open!