The busy season is waning here in Cique Terra.  The crowds are down, hotels and restaurants will be closing until spring and the weather is not certain.  we had a huge thunderstorm the night we arrived but woke up yesterday to some misty blue sky and warm somewhat humid air. But day remained dry.  After a relaxing stroll through our little town we stopped for a midmorning cappuccino then got our walking shoes on and started our walk.  We were told by the locals that after the storm we should not climb the paths but we thought we would take a look and see how far we could go.  We ran into other people along the way and actually joined up with a couple and their daughter (going to school here in Italy) and hiked with them.  The paths were pretty treacherous at some spots but not insurmountable. After a couple of hours we reached the next town – Verazza – and stopped with our new friends for lunch.  It was warm and slightly humid but really beautiful after the storm.  After the rest we then decided to march on to the next town.  We got quite a workout with those walks between towns.  By the time we arrived at Corniglia it was almost 6:00.  Exhausted we hopped on the train back to our little town of Montorossa.  We all showered up and then met for dinner with our new friends.  We have really enjoyed meeting the nicest people and hope to stay in touch after we all return to our “real” lives.  One more day here so stayed tune…….