I am not liking Nice, France right now.  But to be fair we have only been here for a few hours.  But my impression so far is dirty, noisy, low-life, and you don’t get much for your money.  When we checked in we were a little disappointed with the room: floor was wet, no AC as advertised, hard bed…..  And it is not a cheap hotel.  But anyway….we are not in the US right now so we know things are not the same.  But, unfortunately our room was not the only wet area.  The carpet was wet on the stairs and Bruce took a dive!  He is fine – if a little sore- and we just moved on.  We wanted to turn in our rental car so we drove over to the nearest train station where we were told to return it.  We could not find anything to indicate a rental return.  While we were in front of the station trying to find Hertz Bruce had a little “contretemps” with another driver.  It was wall to wall cars and we could not tell what cars were parked and what cars were moving so there was a little swipe – but no damage done.  The other guy did not think so though.  He followed us as we looked for the rental return and wanted us to go elsewhere so he could get money out of us??  He did not speak English so we are not certain.  We told him he could follow us to the Hertz place but he opted to not do that.  I finally had to run into the train station to find the return place and all is well that ends well.  The signage here is ridiculous!  How do people find their way?  We were just relieved to get rid of the car and now will rely on the trains.  We have to stay another night here in Nice and then head into Italy – sigh.  I don’t have many pictures today because there is not much here in Nice but shops and hotels and people!