So while you were all sleeping we were driving around the hills between Albi and Carcassone for a couple of hours.  Every road the GPS took us on was blocked for road work!  So we had to follow the signs that read “deviation” – and that was usually a small one lane mountainous road.   We eventually came to civilization a couple hours after our original plan – but hey!  That is why we are doing this – for adventure!  The weather has been warmer but there is wind and rain coming -at least it’s not too cold.  Medieval Carcassone is a 13th-century world of towers, turrets, and cobblestones.  Europe’s ultimate walled fortress city – stuffed with tourists.  This was where Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was filmed, starring Kevin Costner.  It is so easy to walk around and envision what medieval times were like there in the city – well, if you can block out all the tourists.  But those tourists are bringing in money to keep the city going as a wonderful stop on our trip. And  it seems like a medieval Renaissance fair was going on with people and children dressed up for the times and setting up tents to sell their wares.  Very fun!  Tonight we will go back for dinner and to see the fortress lit up!  I will most likely post those pictures tomorrow.  Stay tuned….