Monet's painting

Monet’s painting

Paris to Normandie 013 Paris to Normandie 001 Paris to Normandie 034Left Paris early this morning to catch a train out to Vernon where we had reserved a car.  Some other Americans had the same plan so we joined them as we collected our cars.  From Vernon we drove 4 miles over to Giverny to visit Claude Monet’s house and gardens where he was inspired to paint.  It was a cute country area and the gardens were beautiful.  I could see how it would inspire many of his beautiful paintings!  After we got a quick bite to eat we drove from there to Bayeux, 6 miles from D-Day beaches.  It was the first city liberated after the landing.  It also has a rich and old history because it is where the Battle of Hastings took place where in 1066 William the Conqueror won the battle and could claim the English throne.  Tomorrow we do the D-Day beaches.  While the government shut down has closed some things I believe there  will be plenty to see.