This was officially our last day in London and we had just a few more things on our agenda to see.  The British Museum was our first stop where we spent quite a few hours.  From there we walked down to Covent Gardens and had lunch while we watched the juggler/cyclist/entertainer.  From there we strolled over to Trafalgar Square to visit St. Martin in the Fields Church.  While we were there they were rehearsing for a concert tonight so we stopped for awhile to listen to the rehearsal.  The acoustics are fantastic in that sanctuary!  I took a video but will have to post it at a later date when the internet is stronger.  Across the street was The Portrait Gallery so we spent a little bit of time there – not much.  The last thing on MY agenda was to walk around Grosvenor Square where the more expensive town homes are – and as we found out- where the American embassy is.  The muslims were having some kind of sit-in protest out front so we did not hang around too long in the area.  That pretty much finished our sight-seeing day.  We had some laundry to do so we found a pub right next to the launderette and spent a couple of pleasant hours before heading back to our hotel.

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